How long does it take to make a flower or bouquet?

We work to bring you your flowers as soon as possible! Here is our general timeline for orders and custom orders

Ready to ship orders ship 3-4 business days after payment

Custom single plants- 1.5 weeks from order payment

Custom boutonnieres- 1.5 weeks from order payment

 2 or more custom plants/custom bouquets-  1.5 months from order payment

How Do you Clean Fiber Florist Plants?

A lightly damp washcloth can be pressed against the petals or an air canister can be used to remove dust.

Why Was my plant bent when I received it in the mail?

Sometimes plants may be bent in order to save space while packaging and can be easily reshaped to full length without harm. That's the cool thing about our plant bases, there's a sturdy wire inside!

Can I put Fiber florist plants in the sun?

Yes! Very little sun damage and loss of color will occur when placed in a kitchen windowsill or your office window. 

Should I water my fiber florist plant?

Eeek! Please don't! That's the best part about getting our plants they don't require water like fresh cut flowers and they're great for the environment! We use high quality wool/acrylic felt and your plant will loose it's shape and start to felt more (that's right your plant will shrink with water!)

I'm terribly allergic to plants!

My condolences, that's the worst! Good thing our plants have no pollen and are 100% hypoallergenic.

I'm getting married! How long does it take to make a bridal bouquet/ flower crown?

Congratulations! We love working with soon to be newlyweds. We can produce a custom wedding order in the span of 1.5 month's notice. It's quick and easy ordering with us! Send us an email at or fill out a form in our "Contact" section. You can also purchase flowers A' La Carte from our SHOP.